This is a well overdue post. Over the last month i have had lots of bike trouble, camera trouble and blogger trouble. So hopefully im back on the rails again now posting normally.

As for the last month it has been so good. We went over to check out the Bottrop kustom kulture show, and it was ace. Spent a couple of days leading upto the following weekend rebuilding my shovel motor and getting it back in my bike, before heading down to Linkert attacks in Tewkesbury, what a party that was. Amazing, low key, no rules, good vibes show. Shovel trotted on nicely there and back - Result. Then last weekend rode to a local custom show with Deak that gets real busy, (especially with the weather being so good) picked up best chop and then carried on to go watch a FMX show on the way home which was nice to catch up with some really good old friend i hadn't seen in too long.

An intense few weeks. Getting prepped for the hayride now. That is going be some good times.

Few pics from Bottrop -

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