Merry Christmas.

Bad weather, spending my money on other things than choppers and lots of booze.


Time off.

I have no excuse.

Im back on it, batteries fully charged.
Lots of plans for winter. Next year is going to be ace.


A night of burlesque.

What a pisser! I went to check this out with Battle and Deak the other night at the 'Buxton Opera House'. Full of that posh sort, we made our presence known. Got cidered up and enjoyed a night of side boob. If they are touring near you i recomend it.


Brut Bars.

Battle is going to be starting a little project soon. I made him some bars he wanted on Saturday.



About 20 miles from the Hayride my condensor started to break down. When i woke up on Saturday morning still feeling rough as hell, someone took a photo of me changing it. That person happened to be from Junk Magazine.


The Drags.

To everyone that was there, despite the weather thanks for another ace weekend for the scrap book. We shared drinks, chatted shit, fixed eachothers bikes and burnt loads of wood and a hat. Perfect.

.....and Battle came too.  BU!


10th Anniversary.

Definatley going back out to Bottrop next year. Be good if we can get a few more of the regular crew with us this time. 10 year anniversary should be good.