Stockers party weekend.

I left on friday morning with Deak for the first 'Stockers' party. Thanks to all of the Stockers for an awesome weekend. We had an ace ride down and back with Benny, Spindle, Zip and Bob. We all spent Friday night at Steves (Big thanks to Steve and his wife Sarah for there hospitality). Saturday down to the party site in Devizes met up with everyone there, good turnout, good people, good times. We only had a couple of minor mechanical problems and not too much rain. All in all top weekend. Cant wait till next year.

I made a complete cock up and left my camera battery on charge at home so all the pictures are courtesy of Andy Porter and Bob Stockers - http://bobstockers.blogspot.com/  


zip said...

You pair crack me up its always good to see you

Sean said...

You lads too. Cant wait till were out again. All on bikes though.